The Other About Me Just for Fun

In my previous life I was a teacher, consultant, author, principal and won a few awards for those things. I was published in the educational field for years; this move to fiction is a leap. I’ve written about six book length pieces but only recently decided to do the W.O.R.K to see about getting an agent and getting one published. I have a couple of recently published pieces in Kinship Toolbox, nonfiction.

I’m a single parent now. Most days we’re two dancing bears short of a zoo. I can walk out my deck door and see a deer in my woods sometimes, although that means he lost his directions because I’m in a suburb. I have beautiful places to write on the rare occasions I have an empty house.

My years as a principal and parenting some boys (and a girl) motivate me to write for boys, who often have to be tricked into reading. My work now is YA but I just love writing, so who knows?

Now some random facts, and I do mean random:
1. I love Star Wars. You may address me as Yoda since I have grey hair. I can go all Jabba the Hutt if I have to.
2. I was in Venezuela during a revolution and we barely bribed our way out.
3. I love Beetlejuice and Jumanji and a lot of other crazy movies.
4. I can cook some country food that will make you cry for momma.
5. Being a middle school principal to 1000 prepares you for anything and everything.
5. I used to make wedding dresses, just for fun.
6. My dream writing retreat would be six months in Destin, FL.

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2 thoughts on “The Other About Me Just for Fun”

  1. I would love a critique partner! I’ve been looking for one actually. Although I see you are a pitch wars mentee, so you might be too busy now. Also, we don’t write in the same genre. I write crime fiction. Let me know either way, please. You can reach me at Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the follow. I’m following you right back 🙂

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