Welcome to the conversation about Tweens and Teens! You probably want to know why I chose to blog on that topic.  I’m currently a single parent to a 15 year old, and I have grown children I raised with a husband.  Those experiences taught me just how full of trip wires this parenthood path is. Really, though, my expertise comes from being a principal in one of the largest urban/ suburban school districts in America. With our own parenting, we are just too close to the situation to develop much insight. However, work with kids and parents for years, and you gain really valuable insight about the characteristics that consistently appear in good parents, even when there is trouble with their child.  I’ve been recognized as an outstanding educator on many occasions, including the honor of Lifetime PTA and Outstanding  KY Administrator. I’ve had a couple of articles published in addition to the ridiculous amount of writing I produced as a school administrator. I’d love to hear from you!  

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